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Improve your riding skills...

Real-life, sharp road riding skills are more necessary than ever on today's crowded roads in the East Midlands and beyond.

Even those bikers who have been riding for many years can learn new skills that will help them to ride better.

That is why the IAM created the Skills For Life advanced riding guidance programme.

It's not just about better riding though, it's about getting more enjoyment from your bike as well.

The Nottingham Advanced Motorcyclists group (NAM) promotes road safety and motorcycle awareness by encouraging Notts motorcyclists to attain the skills required to pass the IAM advanced motorcycle test.

You can learn these skills from one of our team of Observers, all of whom have passed the advanced test and then undertaken further training to enable them to pass on their knowledge and experience to riders aspiring to achieve advanced status.

We use local routes in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire Leicestershire & Lincolnshire to coach and guide bikers in familiar surroundings.

Information & Enrolment

We hear all sorts of weird thoughts about what advanced riding means from bikers across the East Midlands, whether they come from Notts, Leics, Lincs or Derbys. There are a few urban myths about advanced riding which many riders hold that should be dismissed.


"You have to have been riding for years to become an advanced rider"

Wrong. The Sooner You Start the Better

You don’t have to have been riding for years to become an advanced rider – you can start a Skills For Life programme as soon as you pass your bike test.


"It costs hundreds of pounds to do an advanced course"

Wrong. It's incredible value for money!

It doesn’t cost hundreds of pounds, a Skills For Life programme costs only £139 – for which you get:

seven on-the-road rider guidance sessions, amounting to approximately 20/25 hours of guidance
a copy of the IAM’s book ‘How To Be A Better Rider’,
the advanced motorcycle riding test fee, alone worth £45.
a year’s subscription to Nottingham Advanced Motorcyclists (NAM)
a year’s subscription to the IAM
once you have passed your Advanced Test you get lots more benefits such as lower insurance costs!


"Advanced riding is just for old men with pipes and slippers on tourers"

Wrong. It's not What you ride, it's the Way you ride it that counts

Advanced riding is not just for old men with pipe and slippers, it’s for every rider. NAM members have stayed alive longer than other riders because they have used advanced techniques on their bikes!

We have many advanced riders in their twenties and thirties and most of the machines ridden by group members are from the sportsbike category, such as GSX-R's, R1’s, ZX10’s, ‘Blades etc, plus a mixture of other types like Hayabusa's, Blackbirds, Speed Triples, SV1000's and Varadero's.

It's not expensive...

The Skills For Life package includes SEVEN road-based advice sessions with a NAM Observer, lasting between 20 to 25 hours in total at times to suit you, Associate Membership of our group for the first year(+), a copy of "How To Be An Advanced Motorcyclist", your IAM Advanced Motorcycle test fee and your first year's membership of the IAM.

All this for just £139.00*.

Why not join now?

On joining the NAM group, you will will be allocated an Observer who will take you through the Skills For Life programme.

Observers give their time and expertise for free. A contribution towards an Observer's bike running costs for each advice session of £15* is appreciated.

For further information and a Skills For Life application form go to the IAM's website. Alternatively please telephone: 01158 714026

Associate Commitment

By enrolling with NAM and starting your 'Skills' course you take on the commitment to practice what you have learned each week.

The pace at which your skills will improve will be directly linked to the effort you put in between observed rides.

It is highly recommended that you complete at least 60 miles of practice riding between observed runs.

You will be given things to work on at the end of the ride by your observer, and it is essential that you practice them as much as possible before your next observed ride.

By following the guidance your observer(s) has given you, you will have all the knowledge required in order to improve your performance each week until you attain the standard required to pass the advanced test.

(+)Subsequent annual memberships of Nottingham Advanced Motorcyclists run from April to March.
Membership Fees, currently only £16* per year, are payable by the end of March each year.

*Prices correct at time of publication (January 2013)